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University of Genova


Coordinator: Veronica Pesce
Computer scientists: Giulio Andreoletti , Andrea Ficini
Scientific committee: Andrea Aveto, Giorgio Bertone, Leo Lecci
Collaborators: Francesca Bulian, Andrea Lanzola, Matteo Navone, Alessandra Piatti, Rocco Spigno
Interns: Martina Serra

The local unit relates to the Department of Italian and Arts Studies of the University of Genoa (D.I.R.A.A.S.), born in 1999 from the ensemble of the Institute of Italian Studies, of Romance Philology and of History of Art; it is now part of the new School of Humanities. The project is in line with the strong tradition of the Department about historical-artistic and literary-philological studies articulated in specific courses of research («The dynamics of the figurative culture of the 19th and 20th century», paying particular attention to the «History of graphic design and relationship with the visual arts» and «Scientific edition of poetry and prose and letters of the most important Ligurian writers of 19th and 20th century», noticing the «relationship between landscape and literature and between literature and art»). The Department has consistently cooperated with various archives and institutions including the Fondazione Mario Novaro, whose documentary material is essential for the project.

The research team aims at shedding new light on «La Riviera Ligure», founded in 1895 originally being the commercial bulletin of the Ditta dellOlio Sasso in Oneglia (nowadays Imperia). Historically it can be considered the first European Organ House, a pattern of relationships among industry, literature and art. It soon evolved thanks to the cares of its editor and owner Mario Novaro, intellectual, poet, philosopher and entrepreneur, becoming a high-profile artistic and literary journal, many-sided cultural phenomenon which represents one of the most interesting examples of early 19th century culture both on the Italian and European scenes. First of all, the archive relating to «Riviera» will be digitalized and together with the journal will be available on the web on the same computer network, whose innovative structure will support the research allowing a new visibility to the journal and its archives and it will grant an innovative way to use the same journal and archive.

Overcoming the traditional sectorial tendency, the cultural value of the archive and the journal claims a new methodological approach that ensures a new comprehensive analysis, relating text and image. This less studied aspect required to be finally integrated in a synergistic way with both the plans, artistic and literary. Its necessary to overlook out of national borders eventually evaluating the real role of cultural mediation between Italy and Europe carried out by «Riviera»: an early and emblematic pattern in terms of visual culture, and original accomplished synthesis of different languages (figurative and verbal) that will have a strong weight in both «high» and popular culture. The team involved will push the analysis beyond the scientific journal itself to fully evaluate the deep cultural relations implicated in «Riviera», coding a precise image of the Ligurian landscape (the same title chosen is very significant). Art and literature have been, at least in part, a tool for advertising and promotional purpose, enhancing the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the region, favouring the crystallization of a recognizable landscape and functional for propaganda purposes. The research team will examine these according to the aims of the European Landscape Convention, and the priorities of Horizon 2020 (European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation).



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