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Volumes : 3400
Illustrations : 26572
Authors : 646
Illustrators : 192

Adriano Salani Editore Historical Archive

Established in Florence in 1862 by Adriano Salani, it is one of the oldest Italian publishing houses still in business ( Its catalogue includes authors such as Roald Dahl, Astrid Lindgren, Eva Ibbotson Michael Ende and, going back to the 19th and 20th centuries, best sellers such as, on the “romance” side, Carolina Invernizio, Elisabeth Werner, Delly. The archive preserves about 30,000 original drawings, from the end of the 19th to the end of the 20th centuries, thanks to the famous “Gl’Istrici” series, with contemporary artists (Quentin Blake, Emanuele Luzzati, Grazia Nidasio, etc.) . In the database there are also some of the most important italian illustrators and among them, just to name of few, Carlo Chiostri and Ezio Anichini, Luigi and Maria Augusta Cavalieri, Carlo Vitoli Russo ans Ugo Signorini, Fiorenzo and Giovanni Faorzi, without forgetting some of the firsts Disney publications in Italy (e.g. Snowhite [Biancaneve] or Mickey Mouse [Topolino]) and the animated Japanese cartoons in the seventies and eighties (e.g. Mazinga, or the reinterpretation of Heidi). The indexing information is shared with the other section of the project (Giunti), and it combines the possibility to search in the archive with the needs of external readability. The form has been divided into four fields: book, author, illustrator and illustration, the latter visible in the double size (reduced and enlarged) and supported by technical details, allowing the viewer to develop different kinds of research.

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