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Volumes : 46
Illustrations : 2036
Authors : 34
Illustrators : 38

Giunti Historical Archive (Paggi – Bemporad-Marzocco)

The archive, largely intact, of Giunti publishing house (, collects the documents of the publishers acquired over time and now belonging to the group, including of course, going back through the 19th and 20th centuries, Paggi and Bemporad (for a detailed description: and . The richness and quality of the original drawings allow us to make a fascinating journey through the Italian illustration of the early 20th century: Carlo Chiostri and Ezio Anichini, Vittorio Corcos and Enrico Mazzanti, Umberto Brunelleshi and Aleardo Terzi, to get to the most famous Attilio Mussino and Antonio Rubino, just to name a few, represent some of major Italian artists of the 19th and 20th centuries . The database (currently being implemented) allows the viewer to personally experience the excitement of search and browse through the original drawings of absolute masterpieces, such as Pinocchio, which is now available in the three most famous graphic interpretations: Mazzanti 1883, Chiostri 1901, Mussino 1911. The indexing information is shared with the other section of the project (Salani), and it combines the possibility to search in the archive with the needs of external readability. The form has been divided into four fields: book, author, illustrator and illustration, the latter visible in the double size (reduced and enlarged) and supported by technical details, allowing the viewer to develop different kinds of research.

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