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Mart, Archivio del '900

Archivio del ´900

The Archivio del ´900 at Mart collects a number of different sources of documents and books regarding twentieth century Italian art and architecture.
The beginning of this collection is marked by the Futurist Fortunato Depero, who was the first to donate his artistic production and personal documents to the city of Rovereto. The Mart has carefully worked to increase this patrimony, which has been enriched by many additional sources according to several thematic lines that are linked to the archive´s origins: Futurism, the historic and critical debates of the first half of the century, architecture, Visual Poetry and the Neo-Avantgarde of the sixties and seventies.
The archive publishes research tools such as inventories and book series that collect studies relevant to the collections preserved: the "Quaderni d´architettura" series, the "Documenti" series and lastly the "Inediti" series.
Moreover, the Archives contribute to the Mart exhibitions by offering research expertise and curating the selection of documents to be exhibited alongside the artworks. Lastly, the Archives plan specific exhibitions illustrating the holdings, be they books or documents. These focus-shows are held in the foyer of the main reading room.
In the past few years the ´900 Archives fostered research collaborations with several universities on different projects. Specifically, the University of Trento chose Mart as its main seat for courses on Archival Methods. There are also a series of projects in partnership with the Department of Design of the Milan Politecnico, with the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and with Udine University.
The Archivio del ´900 hosts the CISF (International Center for Futurism Studies) and is among the founding members of AAA/Italia (Italian Association of Architectural Archives).
The library of Mart, in collaboration with Progetto Circe of University of Trento (Laboratory of Research on the Cultural Journals and Periodicals), has implemented a project of digitalization and access of many important journals of the XXth century, including periodicals about Futurism such as Poesia, Lacerba, La Balza Futurista, Dinamo e Dinamo Futurista.

List of the book and document holdings

Consult the Mart Comprehensive Catalogue (CIM)

Retrieve books and journals from the Catalogo Bibliografico Trentino (Trentino Bibliographic Catalogue)

Archivio del ´900 and Verbo-Visual Arts
The basis of the Verbo-Visual collections were formed by the Collection of the Archivio Nuova Scrittura (ANS), founded by Paolo Della Grazia in 1988 and loaned to Mart. This collections include also the archives of collector Marco Fraccaro and of artist Ugo Carrega.

Numerous other collections joined the original one just mentioned, which was the subjects of several exhibitions, publications and conferences. These collections of documents and books were donated or loaned by collectors (such as Dematteis and Denza) or by artists (Bentivoglio, Bighi, Bory, Cole, Danon, Martini, Ricciardi, Sturani).
The Archivio del ´900 aims to promote studies and research of the international Verbo-Visual Arts, ranging from Visual Poetry to Concrete Poetry, including further artistic experiments such as Mail Art, Sound Poetry and artists´ books and journals.

Representative Duccio Dogheria

Access Information
Address: Corso Bettini 43, Rovereto (TN)
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm
Access to the archival materials is by appointment only

Library Manager Mariarosa Mariech
Phone +39 (0)464 454157

Historical Archives
Head of Archival Collections Paola Pettenella
Phone +39 (0)464 454138




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