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The Spell is Broken

  • Author of the reproduced work: Balla Giacomo
  • Caption: 192. The Spell is Broken (1924-25). Oil on canvas, 42 1/4 x 30 1/4 inches. Collection Balla, Rome. A metaphysical painting in which Balla seeks to translate a state of being into shapes and color. The effect of a broken spell on what was a charmed experience is portrayed by the gray boomerang shapes breaking up the composition of the word "incanto" (enchantment), which can be deciphered in the canvas. The individual letters vary greatly in size and are painted as three-dimensional forms. The color tones range from white to pale pink, and to a brillant shocking-pink
  • Place: Roma
  • Year of the work: 1924
  • Image typology: painting
  • Instalment form
  • Riffle the Instalment



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